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The New 'Hobbs & Shaw' Trailer Doesn't Make Any Goddamn Sense

Big bad men with big bad arms drive big bad cars. Who cares what it means!
River Donaghey

Why Is No One Talking About How the Rock Puts Tequila in His Oatmeal?

Don't let his pineapple on pizza preferences distract you from the real news here.
Hannah Keyser

The Rock's New Reality Competition Looks Completely Unhinged

The challenges are inspired by Dwayne Johnson's real, inhuman workouts.
Sean Neumann
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There's Now an Official Committee to Elect The Rock for President

Run The Rock 2020 wants to get Dwayne Johnson cooking in the Oval Office.
River Donaghey
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Man Abandons Truck In Traffic To Take Selfie With The Rock

It was adorable, and also dangerous. Adorably dangerous.
Mike Piellucci

'Southland Tales' Was Exactly Ten Years Ahead of Its Time

The messy follow-up to cult favorite 'Donnie Darko' imagined the Rock’s presidential ambitions over a decade ago.
Frederick Blichert
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The Rock Wants to Be Cooking in the Oval Office

The former WWE superstar said there's a "real possibility" he'll run for president.
Drew Schwartz
Donald Trump

VICE Sports Q&A: Bill Goldberg. Will He or Won't He Return to the WWE?

Among many other things, former wrestler Bill Goldberg talks about whether he will return to the ring, what he thinks of Donald Trump and what it was like to be on Celebrity Apprentice.
Larry Burnett
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The Rock Believes in Aliens

He also tells us the most excruciating, detailed injury story you'll ever read.
Joel Golby
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Dwayne Johnson Might Run for President Someday

But, as the former Rock told a magazine, "There are a lot of other things I want to do first."
Helen Donahue
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Rock's New Alarm App Will Shout at You and Change Your Life

You can also choose to set your alarm for "Rock Time" if you'd like to be rattled out of bed at the same time as The Rock each morning.
Helen Donahue
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Is Ballers Just a Lesser Sports Version of Entourage?

HBO's new show wants to be Entourage for sports, but it's too decorous to even rise to that level.
Paul Brownfield