Antibiotics Don’t Make Birth Control Less Effective

Your doctor may have told you to use condoms when he handed you an antibiotic prescription, but he's almost certainly wrong.


Shortages of Injectable Estrogen Are Screwing Over Trans Women

"If they’re not compelled to serve us with this thing we need, what are we going to do?”


This Biohacker Is Trying to Help People Make Their Own Estrogen

Hormone anarchy, in a quest for more body autonomy for cis and trans women.


IPAs Are Giving You Man Boobs

Those hops in your favorite IPA are actually wonderful medicine for insomnia and menopause, thanks to their high phytoestrogen content. These same phytoestrogens, however, can also cause a condition known among brewers as Brewer’s Droop.


Biotyranny and its Resistance: Who Owns Your Body?

Inspired by Foucault, Chelsea Manning and techniques like gene editing, artists and activists are taking back power over our bodies from governments and corporations.


The Devastating Effects of a 1940s 'Wonder Pill' Haunt Women Generations Later

DES was a form of synthetic estrogen marketed to women in the mid-20th century, and an estimated five to 10 million women took it while pregnant. The drug was later found to cause miscarriage and a rare form of vaginal cancer in girls.


Hops Could Help You Fight Breast Cancer

With breast cancer affecting some 246,660 American women and 2,600 men every year, this is good news for beer drinkers of all genders.


Your Birth Control Pills and Hamburgers Might Be Making These Fish Intersex

Researchers from the US Geological Survey and the US Fish and Wildlife Service found that a whopping 85 percent of smallmouth bass and 27 percent of male largemouth bass were intersex in 19 wildlife preserves in the northeastern US.


Does Drinking Beer Really Make Men Better at Sex?

In a claim which violates almost all conventional wisdom (and anecdotal evidence), a sexologist has suggested that beer can actually make men better in bed.


The Two Sides of the Pill in Brazil

Birth control became a tool for women's freedom.


BPA Not Only Messes With Your Hormones, It May Mess with Your Genes and Lungs, Too

Two new studies this week add new evidence to the case against BPA.