El Chapo got wiretapped because the cartel’s IT guy screwed up

“Don Jorge, your… your… your brother is very upset with me because he says that it’s my fault that there’s no communication.”


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Deep in the Colombian jungle, Mads Nissen documented the day-to-day lives of people involved in the production and trade of coke and cannabis.


Colombia's new right-wing president could destroy the fragile peace process

His stated aim to rewrite terms of the FARC peace deal may drive some former militants to take up arms again.


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For FARC soldiers deep in the Colombian jungle, membership of the country's biggest armed group came with surprisingly progressive sexual education—but little reproductive choice.


How Radio Changed the Course of a 50-Year Civil War

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Over One Thousand Activists Met in Colombia for the World's Largest Youth Forum for Global Peace

One Young World gathered young leaders and innovators creating solutions for climate change, the refugee crisis, genocide, sexual violence, terrorism, global poverty, and more.


Tender Photos of Colombia's Beauty Amidst Times of Strife

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Inside the Colombian Kitchen That's Making Rebels and Soldiers into Chefs

Former FARC guerrillas work right alongside demobilized Colombian army soliders in the kitchens of Juan Manuel Barrientos' acclaimed restaurants in Medellín and Bogotá, where the chef tries to sew peace through cooking.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

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