Everyone Came but Elijah at New York's Biggest Gay Passover Party

Sedarlicious is a party featuring over 500 gay Jews celebrating "the night away as if we just left Egypt yesterday."


My Bizarre Twitter Beef with Azealia Banks and Her Homophobia

The rapper's homophobic Twitter rant about me revealed how little she knows about gender and sexuality in 21st century America.


Allison Moon Writes About Queer Sex-Ed and Werewolves

When some LG​BT readers hear the name Allison Moon, they automatically think about Moon's lesbian werewolf novels. But when Moon isn't writing horror stories, she's working as a sex educator.


Being Gay Is Beautiful in Oakland

This week, our photo column "Being Gay Is Beautiful" takes us to Oakland, California, where Cheyenne Sophia shoots stunning technicolor pictures of her lovers, her friends, and herself.


Ex-NFL Player Chris Kluwe Has Become an Unlikely Fighter for Gender Equality

As a football player, Chris Kluwe was a punter, but in his post-NFL life, he's been a beast, defending everyone from LGBT people to the victims of gamergate.


Submit Photos to Our New Column 'Being Gay Is Beautiful in...'

To celebrate LGBT lives, we're creating a new photo column called "Being Gay Is Beautiful in..." about how great it is to be queer in cities around the globe.


The State of House Music in the Home of House

House music is now global music. But what is house music like in Chicago, the birthplace of house? I attended Queen!, a house club night in Chicago, to find out.


Gay Men Declare Taylor Swift the Queen of Pop

For years, gay men and many pop fans have ignored Taylor Swift, but her first official pop album '1989' has led many gay men to consider her the new queen of pop.


The New Movie 'Stories of Our Lives' Dispels the Myths Fueling Kenya's Homophobia

The Nairobi-based arts collective the Nest created an anthology of short films that was recently shown at the Toronto International Film Festival.


This Summer's Best Rom Com Is About an 18-Year-Old Boy Who Falls in Love with an Old Man

In filmmaker Bruce LaBruce’s new romantic comedy Gerontophilia, an 18-year-old boy falls in love with an 81-year-old resident at the nursing home where he works.


Christopher and His Twink

When Don Bachardy was 18, he started dating Christopher Isherwood, a middle-aged novelist.


Gay Icon Sally Jessy Raphael Returns with Logo's 'Sally Jessy Rides'

We went to the talk show legend's house to discuss her new show on