Notre Dame

Donations to rebuild Notre Dame have already hit almost $770 million

The rebuilding efforts could take years and hundreds of millions of dollars.
Emma Ockerman
Garage Magazine

Are We in a Golden Age for Female Designers?

From new designers at Dior and Givenchy to the Rei Kawakubo show at the Met, more female designers are in the spotlight than ever. But are these women subverting the status quo in favor of something better, or enforcing the long-standing rules?
Haley Mlotek

Givenchy Is Dressing the Future of Fashion

Hologram pop star Hatsune Miku lands a historic editorial in Vogue.
Sophia Callahan
deep dives

How Big Fashion Appropriated Rave Culture at New York Fashion Week

Who benefits when rave hits the runway—and what do we lose?
Laura Reilly

The Folk Feminist Struggle Behind the Chola Fashion Trend

When I see the rebel Latino subculture being sampled and recontextualized by bourgeois white fashion designers, pop singers, or celebrity starlets, I can't help rolling my eyes.
Barbara Calderón-Douglass
Style Stage

Ten Music Videos from the 90s That Predicted S/S 2015 Fashion

The design visionaries behind Moschino, Givenchy, Chloe, Pucci, Chanel, and more have all been watching Shania Twain videos for inspiration.
Anne T. Donahue

Viral Style: Space Glasses, Future Wheels, And Niko From Grand Theft Auto IV Gets A High Fashion Makeover

The week in tech and fashion.
Charlotte McManus and William Edwin Wright

Zomby Twitter Beef Hall of Fame

A catalog of some of the masked marauder's most famous feuds, with Scuba, Roska, and, more recently, Pitchfork's Larry Fitzmaurice.
Elissa Stolman