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The Animals are Coming For Us

A high school golfer was attacked by a deranged goose during a tournament in Michigan.
Sean Newell

'Sympathy for My Enemies Featuring Woke Dad,' Today's Comic by Derek Ballard

Lil Puff is afraid of living an unclean life before he gets to the pearly gates.
Derek Ballard
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Have You Seen This Possibly Undead Goose with an Arrow in Its Neck?

The bird has managed to evade local animal groups for weeks, despite its injury.
Drew Schwartz

Check Out This Festival Where People Tear the Head off a Goose

The first person to do so is crowned Goose King for a year.
Maarten Delobel

Bird Flu Could Cause a Foie Gras Shortage in France

The H5N1 virus has been found on 69 farms in the Dordogne area—which produces 80 percent of France’s foie gras—so far. Overall, France produces 75 percent of the world’s foie gras.
Wyatt Marshall

The MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden: Skåne

In this episode, Ivar’s trip to the Skåne region kicks up a few surprises, from a crazy-looking dessert called Spettkaka to a goose feast in Lund.
Ivar Berglin

How to Get an Education in Meat

When one Brooklyn chef was dissatisfied with the available meat offerings, he looked to a small, one-year-old company based in Pennsylvania for delicious, humanely slaughtered animals with signature flavor profiles.
Larissa Zimberoff
foie gras

The Politics of Food: Foie Gras

As the debate rages on, Dave Arnold visits both sides of the foie gras world and discovers why there’s so much controversy surrounding this popular delicacy.
Dave Arnold

Painting "Goose Paws" in China Will Get You Thrown in Jail

A man is on trial in China for painting goose feet and abalone to make them look more appetizing, because it's illegal to serve food with inedible ingredients. Add that to the long, weird, and terrifying list of food scandals to hit the country...
Munchies Staff