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Olympic Breakdancing Would Be a Win for Hip-Hop

One of the genre's foundational aspects could be making its way to the 2024 Paris games.
DeAsia Paige
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The Olympics organizers aren't happy that a court lifted Russian athletes' lifetime ban

The IOC says it could have a “serious impact” on the committee's fight against doping.
David Gilbert
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Looks Like LA Will Host the Olympics in 2028

If the city still exists.
Drew Schwartz
Blown Olympic Dreams

The Morality Myth Behind the Modern Anti-Doping Movement

Drug testing in sports did not begin with the intent of creating a level playing field. Instead, early proponents believed sports doping was a "dangerous form of moral deception."
Aaron Gordon
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Official at Both FIFA and IOC Resigns From Soccer-Related Roles Amidst Bribery Claims

The DOJ has indicted or accepted guilty pleas from more than 40 people since it opened its investigation on FIFA in 2015. That tally could soon jump significantly.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Rio 2016's "Legacy" Gets Even Worse: Does Anyone Need Used Cables?

Heavily used for three weeks, neglected by owners, otherwise fine.
Aaron Gordon
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“There Will Be Only One Nation”: The Boy Who Defined The Olympic Finale

Just before the closing ceremony of the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the International Olympic Committee received an anonymous letter. Its contents would change the Olympics for good.
Will Magee

The VICE Morning Bulletin

US swimmers were detained at the Rio airport for more questioning about an alleged robbery, a car bomb kills three police officers in Turkey, Kanye West announces <i>Life of Pablo</i> pop-up stores, and more.
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The Pentagon announces the release of 15 Guantanamo detainees, Trump promises the "extreme vetting" of Muslim migrants, US Olympic runner Allyson Felix makes history winning silver, and more.
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Will Anybody Cheer for the Refugee Athletes at the Olympics?

This year, 10 athletes competed in the Rio Olympics as part of a special refugee team. Several of the athletes wondered whether they'd have any fans watching them.
Aimee Berg

Faye Sultan Represents Kuwait But Competes for the "Independent Olympic Athlete" Team

Last year, the IOC suspended Kuwait. As a result, athletes, like Kuwaiti swimmer Faye Sultan, must compete as independents.
Aimee Berg

We Asked Olympic Officials How They’re Handling Sexual Assault Claims

After a second Olympian was arrested for sexual assault of an Olympic Village employee this week, we reached out to the International Olympic Committee to find out what they are doing to keep athletes and workers safe from sexual violence.
Kimberly Lawson