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Meg Ryan Once Starred in an Erotic Thriller Made for and by Women

With "In the Cut," director Jane Campion subverts erotic thriller tropes—especially by subjecting only men (including Mark Ruffalo!) to full frontal onscreen nudity.
Kristen Yoonsoo Kim
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'Margaret' Is the Coming-of-Age Masterpiece You Probably Missed

Obfuscated by time and scandal at the time of its release, "Margaret" is a wondrous story about the traumas of girlhood that deserved "Lady Bird"-like praise.
Kristen Yoonsoo Kim
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Mark Ruffalo’s Non-Profit Got a Nod for Work Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Solutions Project, the actor-activist’s philanthropic endeavor, is getting honored for moving the needle on clean energy activism in the fight to end construction of DAPL.
Aaron Barksdale

Marina Abramović and Mark Ruffalo Speak Out in New Climate Change Documentary

'In This Climate' is a plea from artists and activists to take environmental action now.
Diana Shi
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A Celebrity Super PAC Promises to Show You Mark Ruffalo's Dick If You Don't Vote Trump

"Make Mark be naked by making your mark on November 8."
VICE Staff

Everything That's Wrong with 'Anything'

The casting of Matt Bomer, a cisgender actor, in a trans role in the film has elicited uproar from the trans activist community.
Raquel Willis

The Ultimate Guide to Woke Celebrity Bros

From Mark "Bernie Bro" Ruffalo to Matt "Men Cry Too" McGorry, Hollywood is experiencing a renaissance in that most rare and delicate flower: a woke male feminist.
Zing Tsjeng

The Mental Illness Behind the 'Foxcatcher' Murder

<em>Foxcatcher</em> is the new Bennett Miller movie that tells the backstory of a brutal, mysterious, and headline-grabbing 1996 murder. However, the murderer and his motives are richer and much more complex than what is even on screen.
Mark Hay
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Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, and Mark Ruffalo Discuss Their New Film 'Foxcatcher'

Opening tomorrow, November 14, "Foxcatcher" tells the story of John du Pont, an eccentric millionaire who trained the Olympic wrestling champions Mark and Dave Schultz. VICE sat down with the film's stars to discuss the arresting story.
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24 Hours With Al Gore at His Climate Change Variety Show

I spent 24 hours straight with the world's most famous climate crusader in a greenhouse in Brooklyn.
Brian Merchant

Mark Ruffalo Wants the Avengers to Divest From Fossil Fuels

The actor tells us he's pledged to divest all his money from fossil fuels and invest in cleantech, and wants to convince Leonardo DiCaprio and the cast of the Avengers to do the same.
Brian Merchant

It's Not Fart

Let’s not call the beautiful meeting of Food and Art &quot;Fart.&quot;
Julia Kennedy