Naps, Ranked

The 12 most memorable types of naps.


You Feel Like Garbage on Monday Because You Slept In on Sunday

According to sleep researchers, sleeping in during the weekend can make you more tired the following week. We talked with experts to find out why this is and what we can do to feel rested after a long weekend of sleepless nights.


Smash Mouth Singer Loses It on Stage, Threatens Fans, Is Still Surprisingly Not Guy Fieri

"You throw one more piece of shit on fucking stage, I'm gonna come find your ass and beat your ass wherever you are."


The Crybaby Cocktail Will Help You Survive the Monday Blues

It’s your Monday and you can cry if you want to—just do it with a tasty drink in hand that matches your sorrowful goodbye to the weekend. We love you, gin.


Some Assholes in Honduras Blew Up a Dog and Put the Video Online

The video is high on the list of Worst Things in the World, and far, far crueler than your usual internet shock vid.


La Liga, The Simpsons, and a Case of the Mondays

A group of ultras has come to the defense of their beloved team by engaging in a Simpsons-themed protest. This is not a drill.


Nels Cline Singers Announce 'MACROSCOPE,' Hear the First Single "Companion Piece" Now

The Wilco guitarist and crew still aren't singing, though.


A Woman Got Locked Inside a Bathroom and Clawed Her Way Through the Wall to Escape

An assistant at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was trapped inside a bathroom stall way past working hours and literally had to smash open a wall just to escape. This might be the best survival story since 127 Hours.


Stream Little Mike's "Mordedura" and Get Bit by The Beast

Part techno monster, part turnt-up trill heater, all courtesy of Bromance Records.