Glasgow's Haggis Pakora Is More Than Just Fusion Food

“Scots and Punjabis are very proud of their own cultures so you get both of these coming together and it’s wonderful,” says Harry Singh, Glasgow restaurant owner and co-creator of the haggis pakora.
Zab Mustefa

Meet The Desi Artist Who Tackles Skin Bleaching and Soap Operas

Pakistani-Canadian artist Maria Qamar is bringing the colorful idiosyncrasies of the South Asian diaspora onto Instagram and into the mainstream. Aunties better watch out.
Zab Mustefa

Jaggery Ice Cream Recipe

This jaggery ice cream—made with molasses-like unrefined sugar—is excellent on its own, but is a great canvas for any and all seasonal flavors. Top with with sweet or salty nuts, sliced persimmons or quince, or more rendered jaggery.
Russell Moore

Pakistan's Sea Buckthorn Berries Are Beautifully Underappreciated

Sea buckthorn is widely coveted in Michelin-starred kitchens like noma, but people in northern Pakistan, where the orange and red berries grow like wildfire, couldn't care less—even if it does make a delicious and healthy jam.
Tahereh Sheerazie

We Spoke to the Directors of 'Catch Me Daddy,' a Thrilling New British Indie Movie

A nightmarish, drug-fueled, modern twist on the western, the film tells the story of an attempted honor killing on the Yorkshire Moors.
Rachel Segal Hamilton

Huang's World: London, Part 1

Eddie heads to Brick Lane, where he chows down on some tikka masala with a British twist. He then tries his hand at a game of cricket and digs into the lasting effects of British colonization.
Eddie Huang

Pakistan's Transgender Community Is Hiding Out in a Hostile City

As Peshawar has come under increasing sway of an extremist view of Islam, its community of transgender <i>hijras</i> has been increasingly marginalized.
Beenish Ahmed
The Hate Boat

The Consequences Of Being Too Good At Border Control

Here aboard the Hate Boat we investigate this week’s asylum seeker news, all of which points to increasing levels of desperation from all sides.
Mitch Parker