San Andreas


The Odds of a Major Earthquake Near LA Just Skyrocketed

There's an "earthquake swarm" happening.
Mike Pearl
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The Greatest Moments in Grand Theft Auto History

Betrayal, bloody murder, Hollywood-ripping heists, and a motherfucking jetpack.
Sam Diss
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The BBC’s Grand Theft Auto Drama, 'The Gamechangers,' Wasn’t Very Good

The BBC spectacularly blew what was their one chance to really celebrate this British-born phenomenon.
Mike Diver
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Learning to Fly: A Tribute to the Most-Hated Mission in ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’

I'm not saying that completing the game's flight school changed my life, but I'm not ruling it out.
Sam Diss

The Getaway' Could Have Been More Revolutionary Than 'GTA: Vice City'

The PS2's London-set gangster game got suffocated by the success of Vice City, which is a bloody shame.
Ed Smith
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Dating in ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Is Like Real Life, Only with More Robot Hand-Jobs

We had the whole of Los Santos before us. So what did we do? Argue about my driving, watch shit TV, and have make-up sex, obviously.
Matt Porter

How Do Particle Accelerators Manage Earthquakes?

The SLAC accelerator is housed less than a kilometer from the San Andreas fault. How's that gonna go?
Michael Byrne

​Dwayne Johnson Is Here to Save California, Our Summer Movies, and All of Us

The actor formerly known as the Rock is like a muscly security blanket who can make the experience of watching California tear itself apart feel like coming home.
Chris McEwen
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World's Most Charismatic Man The Rock Officiated a Surprise Wedding for His Friend

The Rock is an American hero.
Drew Millard
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The Rock Surprises Superfan By Officiating Wedding

Can you smell what The Rock is officiating? Watch this superfan walk into a surprise wedding courtesy of his idol.
Karisa Maxwell

The San Andreas Fault Is Primed for Central California's Next Big One

A new USGS study isn't an earthquake prediction, but it is a warning.
Michael Byrne