The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Paul Manafort reportedly wiretapped and threatened with indictment, GOP candidate in Alabama drops racial epithets, Pentagon chief mulled putting nukes back in South Korea, and more.
VICE Staff

This Leading Trans Porn Company Is Wiping Slurs from Its Site

One of the longest-running trans porn sites in the world has renamed itself, shedding the "shemale" term.
Allison Tierney

How Will We Curse Once Everyone's Immune to 'Fuck'?

We spoke to Benjamin Bergen, an author and linguist, about what might happen if curse words stop working.
Mike Pearl

An Asian-American Musician's Five-Year Battle to Get His 'Offensive' Band Name Trademarked

The US government told Simon Tam that the name of his band the Slants was too racist to trademark, but he thinks a bunch of white people shouldn't be the ones to decide that.
Allie Conti

It's Hard to be a Gay Athlete in Australia and New Zealand

For a huge number of Australian and New Zealand LGBT athletes, coming out to their teams isn't an option.
Denham Sadler
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Why the Words We Use to Talk About Mental Health Are Important

The stigmatizing of mental illness continues to discourage people from seeking help or speaking openly about their experiences.
Oscar Rickett
morality police

The NFL Is Cracking Down on Racial Slurs, Still Has a Team Named After a Racial Slur

You can get a 15-yard penalty if you call an opposing player or a ref a you-know-what.
Lindsey Adler