Sub Saharan Africa


Researchers Project Sub-Saharan Africa Will Not Be Able to Feed Itself by 2050

Of the five major grains grown in the region (maize, millet, rice, wheat, and sorghum), maize is the most important in terms of yield and caloric value—but yields of the grain must be at least doubled in the coming decades if there is any hope of...


The VICE Morning Bulletin

US government prepares for cyber attacks on Election Day, Megyn Kelly claims Roger Ailes sexually harassed her years ago, FBI blames its Trump and Clinton tweets on computer bug, and more.


The Bodies of 133 Drowned Migrants Have Washed Ashore in Libya

About three-quarters of the bodies found near the western Libyan city of Zuwara in recent days were women, and there were at least five children.


More Than Two Dozen Bodies Wash Ashore in Libya as Migrant Crisis Continues to Escalate

Aid workers are still recovering the bodies, but it appears to be the latest deadly incident during a recent surge of attempted migrant crossings from North Africa to Europe.


We Investigate Zambia's Damaging Child Marriage Practice Tonight on VICELAND

We follow a 14-year-old Zambian girl through a pre-wedding ritual before she's taken out of school and married off to a 48-year-old man on tonight's episode of 'WOMAN' on VICELAND.


Sub-Saharan Africa Is in the Middle of a Decades-Old Snakebite Crisis

As production slows, the lack of antivenom will put up to 10,000 people in developing African countries at risk for fatal snake bites by June 2016—an Ebola-scale epidemic.


Time Is Running Out to Battle Climate Change for Africa's Food Supply

A study has taken the unusual route of producing a timeline of how and when climate change will adversely affect Africa’s ability to produce food.


Africa Is About To Fall Off An HIV Cliff

A new study finds that Sub-Saharan Africa needs fresh funding sources for HIV treatment and prevention, like yesterday.


Watch a Web-Exclusive Clip from Our Doc 'Countdown to Zero' About the Link Between HIV and Cervical Cancer

We sit down with former president George W. Bush, whose Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon alliance is dedicated to bringing women in Africa cancer treatment and preventative care.


Fewer People Than Ever Live in Poverty — But the World’s Poorest People Are Still Screwed

The percentage of people living below the poverty line hit single digits for the first time in history, but the milestone isn’t necessarily cause for celebration.


The Search for a Women's Condom Alternative That Could Prevent HIV

Researchers are trying to crack the holy grail of sexual health with an anti-HIV microbicide ring.


This Map Shows the Countries With the Lowest Internet Penetration

Researchers reveal an "archipelago of disconnection."