The Cold War


The Best Part of 'The Americans' Is Its Brutally Strong Women

Elizabeth and Paige Jennings are archetypes of female resilience.
Kara Weisenstein

No need to be scared of Putin's new nukes (any more than the old ones)

“No existing or prospective missile defense had any chance in making a dent in Russia’s ability to retaliate against the United States with nuclear weapons.”
Greg Walters
Remembering Things

30 Years Ago, Billy Joel Had a Meltdown in Moscow

In 1987, the piano man tried to bridge the gap between the US and the Soviet Union, and threw an onstage tantrum in the process.
Dan Ozzi
Motherboard Guide to Cinema

This Cult 80s Film About the Nuclear Apocalypse Is Still Relevant, and That Sucks

Steve de Jarnatt’s ‘Miracle Mile’ offers a grim look at the world hours before nuclear apocalypse, kicked off by a pre-emptive strike by the US.
Daniel Oberhaus

How the CIA Infiltrated the World's Literature

The new book, Finks, reveals how great writers such as Baldwin, Márquez, and Hemingway became soldiers in America's cultural Cold War.
Mary von Aue
VICE vs Video games

Unstuck in Time: What Video Games Have to Say About the 1980s

From "Vice City" to "The Phantom Pain," games have been looking back at the decade in fascinating ways.
Javy Gwaltney

Photographer Vincent Cianni Tells the Stories of Gays in the Military

A look back at the damage Don't Ask Don't Tell did to the psyches of gay soldiers.
Vincent Cianni, Words: Shanna Jones

The Game With Reagan and Gorbachev Teaming Up To Kill Terrorists

Ronald even wields a katana.
Zack Kotzer

This Is What a Ukrainian Rocket Storm Looks Like

They might be from the disco era, but these Soviet rockets are still horrifying to this day.
Ben Makuch

Capitalism Ruined the Communist Water Park Where I Spent My Childhood

Gone are the communist days when Romanian parents only visited pools to clean the lice off their children's heads. Băile Felix, once a Soviet trench filled with meat, is now a big, wet mall.
Alexandra Kaschuta