The Case for Leaving Fare Beaters Alone and Making Public Transit Free

Chances are everything you think you know about fare evasion is wrong.
Rick Paulas
2 days ago
climate change

You Can Now Uber a Helicopter, but You Probably Shouldn't

A select few can now Uber a helicopter that, like all helicopters, pollutes the air and accelerates climate change.
Jada Butler
gig economy

Someone's Going to Get Killed Charging Those E-Scooters

Companies like Lime and Bird encourage competition among contractors, which subjects them to the threat of physical violence for little pay.
Allie Conti

Astronomers May Have Discovered the First Known ‘Exomoon’

A new study suggests that the Jupiter-sized planet Kepler-1625b may host a Neptune-sized moon.
Becky Ferreira
Tunnel Vision

No, the Subway Doesn't Have to Be Insanely Hot and Gross

London cooled its tube subway system, at least some of the time. Why doesn't New York do the same thing?
John Surico
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Cop Just Ushered in the Season of Subway Hell

It's only going to get worse from here.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Footage of New York's Flooded Subways Is Absolutely Insane

Taking the train was a nightmare this morning, thanks to a massive rainstorm.
River Donaghey

We Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting a Monorail

‘There’s nothing on Earth like a genuine, bona fide, electrified, six-car monorail!’
Tracey Lindeman
Tunnel Vision

Where's the Plan for the L Train Shutdown?

As of now, there isn't one.
John Surico
Tunnel Vision

What Can New York Learn from London's Underground?

How to be on time.
John Surico

Meet the Spreadsheet That Can Solve NYC Transit (and the Man Who Made It)

Charles Komanoff's 'Balanced Transportation Analyzer' is the most comprehensive accounting possible of how a congestion charge in Manhattan would affect New York City.
Aaron Gordon
Sidewalk Labs

Google Wants to Build the ‘City of the Future’ in Toronto, and Locals Are Worried

Affordable housing activists were out at a town hall to make themselves heard.
Jacob Dubé