An Experience at the Heart of Nuclear Annihilation

Immersive film, music, and art experience 'the bomb,' takes mutually assured destruction seriously.


Richard Spencer's first post-Charlottesville speech will cost $500K

White supremacist Richard Spencer will speak at the University of Florida later this month.


Hospitals Are Prescribing Home Surveillance to Save Lives

The new technology can help curb complications, but at what cost?


Former UVA Wide Receiver Alleges Bullying and Hazing Incidents that "Mimicked Sexual Acts"

Incoming freshman Aidan Howard left the school after he sustained a concussion and orbital bone fracture when he was forced to fight another teammate.


Light Trails and Echoes Form a Massive, Multisensory Canvas

An array of robotic pendulums create a composition of movement, light, and sound in United Visual Artists' 'Our Time.'


A Guide to Nuclear Detonation at Tribeca Film Festival

An inside look at 'the bomb', an immersive documentary experience of atomic proportions.


Watch a Soccer Player's Punt Drop This Drone Out of the Sky

Who needs a shotgun when a soccer ball can do the trick?


Notre Dame Comes Back to Win After Malik Zaire's Gruesome Ankle Injury

Malik Zaire was having a good game before he left with a gross ankle injury, but the Irish came back to win anyway.


[New Books] Charting the Massive Visual History of Massive Attack

'3D and the art of Massive Attack' explores the band's visual style, including collaborations with UVA and Adam Curtis.


A University of Virginia Dean Is Suing 'Rolling Stone' for Nearly $8 Million over the 'Rape on Campus' Story

Nicole Eramo, the associate dean of students at the University of Virginia, is making a case in court that she was portrayed as the "chief villain" in the discredited magazine story.


Phi Kappa Psi Plans to Sue 'Rolling Stone' After Report Lays Out What the Magazine Did Wrong

A review by the Columbia School of Journalism found a number of glaring problems with the way the magazine's viral "A Rape on Campus" story was reported.