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Watch This Cool Little Documentary About Steve Albini's Poker Triumph

'Albini Cashes In' takes a look at the legendary record producer's unlikely triumph at a World Series of Poker event last summer.
Alex Robert Ross
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Just Spend All Day Watching Janelle Monáe's "Pynk" From Austin City Limits

It's Friday and you know damn well you're not going to do anything more productive.
Alex Robert Ross
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Watch The New Wu-Tang Documentary 'For The Children' In Full Right Now

The full movie is out today, exactly 25 years after 'Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)' was released.
Noisey Staff

Disturbing Video Shows Clam Sushi Still Moving as It's Being Served

Behold the squirming surf clam that has divided Japanese Twitter.
Mayukh Sen
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This Documentary About Syria's Metal Scene Is a Story of Resistance and Hope

Syrian filmmaker Monzer Darwish spent four years working on 'Syrian Metal Is War,' which chronicles the war-torn Middle Eastern nation's beleaguered metal scene.
Kim Kelly
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Jamila Woods and Chance the Rapper Vibe at a Cookout in the New "LSD" Video

The Chicago-loving single, which we first heard last year, now has visuals to match.
Tshepo Mokoena

Premiere: Toronto Is a Prime Place to Stunt for Jay Whiss’s “Watch This”

The Prime Boy member outlines the finer aspects of flexing.
Jabbari Weekes

An Animator Built a Giant Etch A Sketch Made of Dominoes

Artist FlippyCat turns dominos into a massive Etch A Sketch with stop motion magic.
Beckett Mufson

Watch This: A Low-Flying Plane in Slow Motion

We can't believe how close this plane gets to landing on a beach full of people.
Beckett Mufson

The 'Inspector Gadget' Reboot Will Be Bullshit Without These Gadgets

Go Go Gadget reboot!
Becky Ferreira

Here's What's Happening on Friday's Episode of 'VICE'

We can hardly believe we're saying this, but the sixth episode of our HBO show is airing on Friday night. Time flies when you're hanging out with child suicide bombers, chatting up gun-toting preachers, and looking for love in China. We feel so old...
VICE Staff

We Put 'The Fourth Dimension' on YouTube

Unless you have selective amnesia targeting good films, you probably remember the movie we made with Harmony Korine, Alexey Fedorchenko, and Jan Kwiecinski earlier this year. It's called 'The Fourth Dimension,' and today we've thrown the whole thing up...
VICE Staff