alt comics

  • Roy in Hollywood: Am I a Comic Character?

    Roy, a chubby and naive manboy, is meeting his maker, Gilbert "Beto" Hernandez. Beto is still apologizing for his interview on VICE from two weeks ago.

  • Cinema

    In Jonny Negron's latest comic, a bunch of privileged jerks complain at a movie theater.

  • Envoy #2: Blowing Up Robot Sentries

    Sparta and her animal companion Grak are raiding weapons silos in a future wasteland.

  • Vigilante

    When a neighbor boy waves his penis at you in a rude way, the only reasonable response is to become a superhero vigilante and ram into him.

  • Real Deal Presents: G.C. by Raw Dog

    The genius behind 'Real Deal Magazine' is now doing comics for VICE.

  • Gola

    The future is a terrible place where robots are surviving by slurping on human remains.