• Sex & Drugs & Vbs

    To keep you updated on the wonderful new material coming out on VBS.TV, here are Q&As with Richard Kern and Andy Capper, who are respectively responsible for two of next month's gems on the channel, Shot by Kern Europe and Swansea Love Story

  • Max Brooks

    Anybody who cares about the state of the world and what happens to people when disease and wars happen should read World War Z by Max Brooks. It’s a fictional oral history of “the zombie war.”

  • Mouse On A Stick

    It's got its problems, but compared to places like Uganda, Malawi is paradise. AIDS is still rampant but the southern African nation's economic growth continues year after year.

  • Long-distance Winner

    Even the richest of rock stars had reason to be jealous of me.

  • Mosh Or Die

    When he's not bawling about regret in $40,000 a month therapy sessions like in Some Kind Of Monster, Lars Ulrich likes nothing better than to bore people about how Iron Maiden and the New Wave of British Metal inspired the start of the thrash/speed...