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YouTube 'Social Experiments' Are the Worst Kind of Smug White Racism

A man in Liverpool has been convicted of racially abusing a woman in a video he says was "raising awareness" of racism.
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff

What It's Like to Be Albino When Everyone Thinks You're White

I'm a Muslim Brit-Pakistani, but my pale skin and hair make everyone assume I'm white European – and yes, it's weird.
Nick Chester

Why as a Black Muslim Woman I Feel I Can’t Be a Feminist

The movement has consistently alienated women like me.
Hoodo Hersi

How Blacks and Whites Die Differently Behind Bars

New federal data shows some stark racial disparities.
Yolanda Martinez
the vice reader

Funny Writers of Color Are Finally Being Taken Seriously

Paul Beatty's Man Booker-winning novel 'The Sellout' is part of a new wave of very funny, very serious literary works.
Rajeev Balasubramanyam

The Horrifying True Story of the Black Brothers Forced to Become Circus Freaks

In the book 'Truevine', journalist Beth Macy details their mother's three-decade quest to get her boys back.
Seth Ferranti

'Game of Thrones' Is Even Whiter Than You Think

By not including people of color in major roles, George R.R. Martin is creating a whiter medieval world than our own ever was.
Kathleen E. Kennedy
The Sick Day Issue

After a Police Shooting, One Father's Quest for Justice Sets a Precedent

After a cop killed his son, Nicholas Heyward Sr. became a mentor to the Black Lives Matter movement. His crusade may finally pay off.
Erika Eichelberger

Nigel Sylvester Doesn't Need BMX Contests

On this episode of VICE's 'Autobiographies' series, we sit down with the rider from Jamaica, Queens, who captured Dave Mirra's attention and took the BMX world by storm.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

I'm a Young Black Woman and I Support Trump

I think African Americans must look beyond the absurdist racist caricature that has been painted for us of Trump and be prepared to talk honestly about how illegal immigration is hurting us.
VICE Staff

Behind the Scenes of Pyer Moss's Daring Fashion Show About American Greed

The show was a condemnation of economic exploitation and an expression of designer Kerby Jean-Raymond's own struggles. To get an idea of how it all came together, we spoke to the creative team Raymond tapped to work on the show.
Mikelle Street

What We Know About the Latest Unarmed Black Man to be Killed by Cops

Forty-year-old Terence Crutcher was shot and killed on the side of the road by cops in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Allie Conti