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The Last Days of Disco Captured by Photographer Bill Bernstein

A new photo book charts the rise and fall of disco as a crucial moment in history, and the impact the movement had on New York clubland.


An Interview with Nawal el Saadawi, One of Egypt’s Most Badass Political Dissidents

Saadawi is the author of 56 books and has been imprisoned for her writing, which condemns how women have and continue to be treated in the Middle East. We talked religion, capitalism and the state of Egyptian politics.


How to Pick Up Girls (A Guide by Girls for Boys)

Boys are fucking hopeless at lust these days, so us girls wrote you this guide.


A Girl's Guide to Not Being a Dick This Summer

The summer's full of ways to make everyone hate you – here's how to avoid them.


Kate Monro Is the Grand Oracle of Losing Your Virginity

We spoke to the author of Losing It, a book about people popping their cherries.


FaceTime Girls Are the New Webcam Girls

Intimate iPhone sessions are the next step for the online sex industry.


Last Night Was Slut Night in London – and We Live-blogged It

A night of slutty confessions in a bid to undermine the word "slut", covered live from London.