• The Self-Loathing Dentist - Part 1

    It's a tough gig when even your own reflection thinks you're a failure.

  • Fashion Cat in 'FML'

    Fashion Cat is sad and thinking about all his problems.

  • An Illustrated A to Z of Torture

    Earlier this week, a report was released that detailed all of the CIA's "enhanced interrogation" (torture) techniques. The tactics in this comic were used by the agency at black sites around the world.

  • Neighbourhood Watch – Part 2

    The Man drinks The Woman's tea and ends up in her and her mother's misogynist dungeon.

  • Meet Shaky McTwitch

    Introducing VICE Denmark's new angst-ridden superstar. Watch as we follow him through the humorous trials of anxiety and self-medication.

  • Tommy Peepers

    When you peep into a neighbor's window, the neighbor's window also peeps into you.