Los Angeles Will Declare a State of Emergency to Deal With Its Homelessness Problem

As of now, though, it's unclear where the $100 million will come from or how it will be used.


Crust Punk Porn Is as Grimy as You Think It Is

We chatted with the Philadelphia couple behind Fringe Fuckers, who are making real porn for real punks.


A Night Out with Anonymous X

The group is made up of volunteers who hand out high-calorie meal packs, clothes and sanitary products to Melbourne's homeless.


Policing Synthetic Marijuana on LA's Skid Row

Spice first emerged on Skid Row about two years ago, and since then has spread like wildfire because of its affordability and accessibility.


Meet the Burmese Punks Feeding Their Country's Homeless

Every Monday night, a group of black-clad, silver-studded punks meet under an overpass in downtown Yangon to distribute food to people living on the streets.


Is Filming the LAPD Driving Up Crime in Los Angeles?

According to one expert, citizens filming incidents of police brutality could be discouraging cops from enforcing the law.


The Real Superheroes of Montreal

​A team of Canadian eccentrics have decided to take it upon themselves to help the citizens of Montreal, all the while donning the capes and cowls of superhero culture.


How Cardboard Signs Changed the Face of Panhandling in America

"Flying a sign," as it's called, is a way for the homeless to make their pleas to passersby quickly, silently, and without defying laws against aggressive panhandling.


The Life, Death and Possible Resurrection of the Asylum

Half a century ago, state mental hospitals closed after a series of horrific abuses – but in the aftermath, many mentally ill people were forced onto the streets or into jails. Now some are arguing it's time to bring these institutions back.


Inside the Brief Occupation of the Luxury Squat Opposite Buckingham Palace

A group of London squatters called ANAL moved even closer to the Queen last week.


From Teenaged Prostitute to Sex Workers' Rights Advocate

Activist Bella Robinson feels victimised by laws intended to help people like her.


I Spent the 2015 Blizzard with New York's Homeless

As the streets and subways went dark Monday, the city's growing homeless population settled in for the storm.