Hardcore-gamere viser deres værelser frem

Spilnørder i alle afskygninger tager dig med ind på værelserne, hvor de bruger det meste af deres liv på at dyrke deres hobby.
Alex Thebez og Malcolm Thorndike Nicholson
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Today’s Nintendo Direct Revealed an Official Female Link and ‘Final Fantasy VII’ in Super Smash Bros.

Highlights from 45 minutes of Lovely Shiny New Game announcements for your Nintendo systems.
Mike Diver

Ron Jeremy Says Video Games Are Rotting Kids' Brains

The star of "Super Hornio Brothers" and many other pornos says that "While our kids are drinking beer, and playing video games, Asians are getting high SAT scores."
Mike Pearl
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The Magical, Menacing Mobile Game ‘Year Walk’ Is Now a Nintendo Essential

One of the greatest iOS games of recent years has been ported to the Wii U, and it's the best version yet.
Mike Diver
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‘Super Mario Bros.’ Taught Me to Be the Best, and More Lessons from the Mushroom Kingdom

Nintendo's famous plumber, celebrating his 30th anniversary, is a fairly good icon to follow in terms of improving your life.
Brad Barrett
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Is There Anything More to ‘Senran Kagura 2’ Than Big, Bouncing Cartoon Breasts?

It has a storyline I literally cannot begin to fathom.
Mike Diver
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Paid to Play: Video Game Testers Tell Us About Broken Titles and Burnout

You'd think sitting around all day being paid to play video games was a pretty sweet deal, but testing them can be a painful process.
Rafał Cichowski
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How to Get Back Into Video Games

Lapsed gamer? We've all been there. Here are some words of encouragement for getting back in the game.
Mike Diver
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Good News, People of China: You Can Now Legally Own a Games Console

The country's lifted its nationwide ban on the sale of PlayStations and the like.
Mike Diver
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I’ll Never Love (or Hate) a Console Like I Loved (and Hated) the PSP

Seventy million sales can't change the fact that Sony's first handheld PlayStation was a bit of a stinker.
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell
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The Classic Mechanics of ‘Streets of Rage 2’ Are Never Getting Old

With the 3DS version of SEGA's brawler out now, I play it twice through to see if it's still my favourite game ever.
Mike Diver
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Only Explosive Fruit Can Save the Dreary Wii U Exclusive ‘Devil’s Third’

Valhalla Studios' much-delayed action game is a solo mess, but its multiplayer may yet rescue reputations.
Mike Diver