Canada’s Prime Minister Issued an Order to Start the Legalization of Pot

But cops and prosecutors are still nailing Canucks for lighting up.
Manisha Krishnan

I Spent a Terrifying Day Trying to Keep Up with a Bike Messenger

Many bike couriers don't do their jobs for the money, they do it for the death-defying thrills.
Salmaan Farooqui

What We Know About American Cop Who Staged His Own Murder

After months of politically-charged investigation, local police announced Wednesday that Charles Joseph "GI Joe" Gliniewicz's death was in fact a suicide.
Matt Taylor
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Watch This Suspected Bank Robber Make It Rain Just Before Cops Take Him Down

He reportedly demanded precisely $250,000, and then threw much of it all over the sidewalk.
Mike Pearl

This Black Man Survived a Police Shooting and Became an Activist

Leon Ford survived a 2012 police shooting after a traffic stop. Today, he feels a sense of responsibility to speak out on behalf of the many other unarmed black men whose confrontations with police end even more tragically.
Alex Zimmerman

Why You Shouldn't Trust What the Police Say About Drugs

British police have a long history of spreading disinformation about illegal drugs, which – in the long run – doesn't help anyone.
Max Daly

Denise Bourdeau Kept Returning to Her Abusive Partner. One Day, He Killed Her

Though her killer is behind bars, for her mother there is no justice in how her case was handled.
Jane Gerster

A Texas Cop Is in Jail For Allegedly Paying a Hitman to Murder His Pregnant Girlfriend

After fleeing to Indonesia, former Austin Police Officer VonTrey Clark is facing murder charges and the possibility of the death penalty in a state that loves executions.
Priscila Mosqueda

The Strange Relationship Between Politics, Prosecutors, and Police Shootings

The United States is alone in the world in electing its prosecutors, but how should officials handle the rage and resentment that boils over when police kill unarmed minorities?
Justin Glawe
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Thai Police Gave Themselves a Reward for Capturing a Bombing Suspect

It was supposed to go to a tipster—but since the police arrested a suspect themselves, they're keeping the cash.
Scott Masters Pierce

Living with Post-Katrina Survivor's Guilt

While others lost everything, I stayed in FEMA-funded hotel rooms and lapped up pity from those who saw my Louisiana license plate. Instead of character, all I got out of Katrina was a party-friendly anecdote.
Megan Koester

On Patrol with the Copwatchers Who Film the NYPD

El Grito de Sunset Park—a local police watchdog group—started in 2002, when the country's videos of law enforcement were mostly limited to Rodney King and the show 'COPS.'
John Surico