Justin Bieber Got His Sand-Sculpted Face Kicked in Pretty Badly

New York police are searching for a vandal who kicked in a Justin Bieber sand sculpture. Beauty is fleeting.
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Day N Night Was a Disaster but It's Still Our Best New Rap Festival

A six-hour traffic jam, officers in riot gear, and reports of a gunman on site raised serious questions about personal space, but couldn't stop us from having a great time.
Paul Thompson
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A Miami Police Union Has Called for Officers to Boycott Beyoncé's Upcoming Show

A union representative said that the singer seeks to: “divide Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and her anti-police message shows how she does not support law enforcement.”
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Let's Get Drunk in the Morning and Take the World by Storm: An Interview with Lukas Graham

Lukas sells out 10,000 seaters in Europe and now "7 Years" is scaling the US charts. His music's pop, but his story's way weirder than you'd think.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Riots, Raves, and Underground Blues Parties: Stories from a Carnival Soundsystem Original

Basil Jarvis left the Caribbean for West London fifty years ago, and has blasted soca sounds onto the streets of Notting Hill every year since.
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Central Canadian Police are Fighting Crime with Terrible Rap Lyrics

We came up with some better lyrics to reflect 2015.
Devin Pacholik

Canada’s Prime Minister Issued an Order to Start the Legalization of Pot

But cops and prosecutors are still nailing Canucks for lighting up.
Manisha Krishnan

I Spent a Terrifying Day Trying to Keep Up with a Bike Messenger

Many bike couriers don't do their jobs for the money, they do it for the death-defying thrills.
Salmaan Farooqui

What We Know About American Cop Who Staged His Own Murder

After months of politically-charged investigation, local police announced Wednesday that Charles Joseph "GI Joe" Gliniewicz's death was in fact a suicide.
Matt Taylor
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Watch This Suspected Bank Robber Make It Rain Just Before Cops Take Him Down

He reportedly demanded precisely $250,000, and then threw much of it all over the sidewalk.
Mike Pearl

This Black Man Survived a Police Shooting and Became an Activist

Leon Ford survived a 2012 police shooting after a traffic stop. Today, he feels a sense of responsibility to speak out on behalf of the many other unarmed black men whose confrontations with police end even more tragically.
Alex Zimmerman
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Pharrell's Show on Beats 1 Last Night is Essential Listening for All Skepta Fans

The North London don delivered a deep and personal show as Pharrell's guest, explaining inspirations and influences, and dropping a freestyle over Travis Scott's "Flying High".
Joe Zadeh