Post Mortem

  • 'Red Planeten - Begå Selvmord'

    "Save the Planet, Kill Yourself" var et opråb til samfundet, der skulle skabe opmærksom omkring ødelæggelserne af miljøet. Samtidig indeholdt sloganet Church of Euthanasias løsningsforslag: At reducere befolkningen ved at opfordre til selvmord.

  • How to Have Sex on Your Deathbed

    Just because you're slowly dying of a terminal illness doesn't mean you're not thinking about sex.

  • Kapløbet om at begrave mennesker på Månen

    De to firmaer Elysium og Celestis kæmper om at blive det første selskab, der kan tilbyde begravelser på Månen for 65.000 kr. og opefter.

  • Being in a Coma is Like One Long Lucid Dream

    After contracting Legionnaires' disease, Stephanie Savage fell into a coma for six weeks. She dreamed about polar bears, ice cream, and scenes from science fiction movies.

  • Should We Stop Using the Phrase 'Assisted Suicide'?

    Terms like "aid in dying" paint a better picture of end-of-life decisions, and could give people with terminal illnesses a way to work around laws.

  • Dying on Facebook

    The company will either delete the profile or preserve it as a "memorialisation" account – but neither of those options are without problems, and some people are frustrated by their lack of control over their loved ones' pages.