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This Guy Makes His Living Selling Notorious Murder Homes

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, like 39 people committing mass suicide, you're probably going to call Randall Bell.


Listen to a New Song by Real Estate's Martin Courtney, "Airport Bar"

His debut solo record 'Many Moons' out October 30.


Donald Trump Is Still a Rambling Weirdo

A lot has happened to Donald Trump since the first Republican debate in early August, but he's still the same guy.


For Now, Nuns Have Foiled Katy Perry in a Complicated Dispute Over a Los Angeles Convent

A group of aging nuns and their Archbishop are in a legal battle over who actually owns their former home, and whether or not the Archbishop can sell it to Katy Perry. For now, the nuns are winning.


People in Relationships Remember What It Was Like to Move in with Someone for the First Time

"Living with a partner is easily the best thing I've ever done. It has made my life better in every possible way​... But I fucking hate that she never refills the ice tray. It's not that hard. Jesus."


Ducktails Is Here to Gleefully Soundtrack Your Misery

Matt Mondanile moved to California and created 'St. Catherine,' a jangly and melodic record that sounds best when things are the worst.


PREMIERE: Ducktails Fall Even Deeper Into the Dream-Pop Rabbit Hole on New LP 'St. Catherine'

Stream all of 'St. Catherine,' the new album from Ducktails, exclusively on Noisey.


A Brief History of People Stealing Entire Houses

Making off with a whole house is hard to manage, hard to get away with and hard on the victims. It also happens more often than you might think.


A Night-Time Visit to LA's Notorious Los Feliz Murder Mansion

Who is protecting the great murder houses of America?


Does Publicly Shaming Landlords Make Them Better People?

New York City is determined to find out.


Porn Veteran Eva Angelina Is Now an Estate Agent

She says there are too many porn stars and not enough production companies for everyone to make money.


The Long Struggle of Mexico's Tarahumara Tribe to Hold on to Its Last Bit of Land

Mexico’s Tarahumara tribe is trying to hold on to the inhospitable mountain it calls home.