Jeg var den eneste turist i Ruslands nordligste by

Ingen tager til polarbyen Murmansk for sjov. Ingen andre end mig.


This Russian Gravedigger-Turned-Singer Hates Western Culture so Much He Blew Up His Car

He also crushes cans with his teeth, burns $20,000, and starts fights on talk shows.


Vi spurgte en militærekspert om, hvad der ville ske, hvis Rusland invaderede Danmark

Bliver det 9. april 1940 om igen, hvis russerne kommer?


Russian Radio Is Trying to Silence Western Music

Two major FM radio stations focused on foreign language artists are facing closure and legislators mulling the introduction of a 25 percent quota for all music with non-Russian lyrics on the air.


We Asked an Expert What Would Happen if Russia Cut the Pipeline to the Internet

An expert in mass communication and author of the book 'The Undersea Network' explains why we shouldn't be too worried about Russia cutting our internet cables.


We Know What Brought Down Flight MH17: What Happens Next?

While we finally have a real explanation, identifying those responsible and getting them into a courtroom is another story.


We Asked a Military Expert What the Hell Putin Is Up to in Syria

Sure, we'd all like to see Putin take on the Islamic State in a steel cage—but we asked an expert what he wants, realistically.


Vladimir Putin Says He Wants to Create a Global Coalition Against Terrorism

In his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly in more than a decade, the Russian president proposed an anti-ISIS alliance "similar to the anti-Hitler" coalition.


Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova on the Fight for Abortion Rights in Russia

The country's social conservatives say abortion must be abolished to increase the birth rate, but really they want to take control of women's basic biological functions.


Inside Poland's Independent Paramilitary Groups

VICE Germany headed to Poland to see how the country is prepared to defend itself from invasion with a homegrown paramilitary resistance.


'The Pianist' Using His Music to Bring Russian and Ukrainian Soldiers Together

Ihor spent four months playing piano for the Russian separatists that held him prisoner.


Hanging Out with Russia's Only Gay Motorbike Gang

St Petersburg's Homoto say they're more about helping people hook-up than politics, but it's hard to ignore their country's anti-LGBT legislation and all the homophobic, ultra-nationalist motorbike clubs who want them dead.