The Tidbits Issue

  • Hey, What's In Your Bag There, Huh?

    FredPostcards: "I'm originally from France. I pick these up to write folks back home."Journal: "Mostly I just put my ideas in here, but sometimes I write about things that have happened. It's all in French, though, see?"

  • Vice Fashion - The Tidbits Issue

    Photos by Roe EthridgeLizzi Bougatsos is the lead singer for Gang Gang Dance. She has a really cool voice that's sometimes Yoko Ono and sometimes Kate Bush, but then it's weird

  • Reading Rainbow

    CRACKERSby Ed Ruscha (Heavy Industry: 1969)Ryan: "This is a rare Ed Ruscha book. It's almost like a photo flipbook. Two men go into a hotel room and make this woman lie down

  • Dos & Don'ts

    The longer Johnny Cash lies dead the more obvious it becomes the Man in Black rules everything around us. As his last days approached, the country-music industry blew him off and told him he was no longer relevant to the modern world. Then he got...

  • Hunters And Collectors

    If Crass, Michael Jackson, and Leila K had a threesome and gave birth to a kid it would be Fox'n'Wolf. And they get bonus points for turning into a sugar sweet, cutesy version of GWAR live-there are masks, and Fox does things chicks usually only do in...

  • Word Nerd

    SCRABBLE RUGI bought this on eBay for a friend's wedding present. It took months and months to arrive so it didn't make it in time. It's a workable board and has a Scrabble Brand sticker

  • The vice Guide To British Cuisine

    When people come to visit me from America, I often take them to a place where there are these amazing standing stones. It's like Stonehenge, but bigger. This stone circle is so enormous that there's a village in the middle of it. It's called Avebury. I...

  • Idle Hands

    Going to jail in Durango, Mexico is easy l.i.v.i.n. It's actually not even really punishment at all, which makes one wonder how a handful of murderers, drugs dealers, rapists, child molesters, and petty thieves can ever get rehabilitated. Guess what...

  • Bits And Bobs

    NAMETAGI collect the little place settings they put down at dinners and awards shows and stuff. I like this one because it was misspelled. It was at a Whitney Museum gala.

  • These Are Polaroids Of Funny Signs

    "I've been collecting Polaroids of funny signs since I was 13 years old. The past few years have really helped my collection because I've been touring with my band Jim and Jennie and the Pinetops, and Europe is filled with weird words. Here're some of...

  • Lost & Found

    Oren Ambarchi is a ridiculously prolific musician and sound artist from Sydney (now Melbourne) who has played with everyone from Keith Rowe to 60s psych titans, Parson Sound. In his spare time he plays with his bands Super Stupid and Menstruation

  • Hotel Life

    APOGEE MINI-METhis is the smallest high-end input channel I can travel with. It has the same components as the big studio I have at home, but it can fit in a suitcase. Look at the knobs on