Volume 12 Issue 4

  • The VICE Guide to Rehab

    A good rehab is essentially an anarchist socialist commune with one rule: Don't get high.

  • Totally Fucked Up

    Total Fucking Destruction ARE that fucking high, because that’s exactly what they do!

  • I Want My Dvds

    Watching a grainy black-and-white documentary about rock’s least exciting band on tour is so shin-knawingly dull it verges on the comical.

  • Dos & Don'ts

    Could you have more shit hanging off your purse, please? No, I'm serious.

  • VICE Fashion - Loss

    People in mourning.

  • Yo Girl! Whath Up??

    That "breaking the seal" thing your drunk dad told you about is total bullshit.

  • VICE Fashion - Lifer

    I’m 44 and I’ve been using heroin for 30 years.

  • Grimewatch

    Apart from consuming weed intravenously and the very occasional rock, your average grime kid isn't backing as much drugs as generations of ravers from years gone by.

  • Crack Tales

    Hell Rell just got out of jail for getting caught with 100 grams of crack cocaine.

  • Freak The Fuck Out

    Vermont's Sunburned Hand of the Man are not fucking hippies.

  • Electric Independence

    It's always a treat to hear Aphex Twin DJ, especially in unusual places. He never disappoints.

  • Cut The Shit

    We bought cocaine, heroin, crack, weed, and ecstasy and had them forensically analysed by a chemist at MIT.