Volume 13 Issue 3

  • Literary/I Want My DVDs

    Some of the worst books ever written are those by “former” gangsters or football hooligans about their shitty, pointless lives.

  • National Front Soup Kitchen

    Roger Bonnivard runs a bird shop in a popular paris neighborhood. Roger loves his pets, and he also loves people. He was a militant for the MNR (National Front dissident party) when he founded the SDF association.

  • Vice Fashion - The Food Issue

    Photos by Trevor King, Styling by Pino & Kyoko

  • Ass Worship 8

    See that brunette in the upper left named Lanny Barbie? She bares a striking resemblance to a friend of mine named Sarah from Maui. I think it might be the eyes. My wife will probably disagree with me. She always does when it comes to me pointing out...

  • Vice Fashion - Food Fight

    Photos by Nikola Pejanovic, Styling by Max Eriksson

  • Strange Froots

    Brian Pyle and Merrick McKilay's creeping wheezes and flushes of dense, blissed-out drone and scrape have been crafted over the past seven years in bedrooms and bunkers around Humboldt, California. Their work has resulted in a slew of never-released...

  • Vice Fashion - Food Dudes

    Photos by Giovanni Di Mola, Styling by Jim Krewson

  • Games

    I’ve just spent the past three days kneeling on my bed, staring at the screen, and frantically banging my head as I “shredded” my way through such venerable hits as “Higher Ground” (Chili Peps version, natch), “Iron Man,” “I Wanna Be Sedated,” and...

  • Slimming Down

    Anorexia's not as hard as you think, you just have to get on the train. I know because I didn't eat for ten days and I feel great. Not only that, but I lost the weight.

  • Illegalize It!

    Apples should be illegal. What a terrible food. They never satisfy your hunger and they make way too much noise. Have you ever heard someone bite into an apple? It’s disgusting. It sounds like a tree is falling inside someone’s skull.

  • Eat Dirt

    What was your New Year's resolution this year-to cut down on chocolate? Big deal! Some poor souls had to resolve to stop eating stuff like dirt, glue, and paint.

  • Gross Jar

    A little over a year ago, we ran an article in which we pitted a friend of ours against some cockroaches (it ended with several of their heads in his mouth-remember?).