• Prisoner Sent to Solitary for Having "Copious Amounts of Anarchist Publications"

    Illinois inmate Mark "Migs" Neiweem got put in a tiny cell with a white supremacist, all because he wrote stuff like, "Love + Peace + Equality = Anarchism."

  • Egypt's Black Bloc—An Exclusive Interview

    On Tuesday Egypt’s chief prosecutor ordered the arrest of anyone participating in a “black bloc,” with a spokesman calling the blocs an “organized, terrorist group.” The state news agency announced the arrest of 18 alleged black bloc members on...

  • Berlin Story - Peaceful Revolution

    I find it inspirational to see the two things that I considered so subversive and revolutionary in 1989, punk bands and underground zines, now officially laminated and sanctioned as being just what I thought they were.

  • Literary

    Girls with tattoos are hot. Sometimes. Tattoos of girls, on the whole, are hot. And therein lies the key to Angelique Houtkamp’s unique niche of painting ladies that look like they are tattoos but aren't.