Bruce Springsteen

  • Seven Dark Horse Candidates for Pope

    Everyone agrees that the next pope, like pretty much every pope in history, will be an old guy who is already a high-ranking member of the Church, but it doesn’t have to be. The new pope doesn't even have to be ordained, technically, and ain't no rule...

  • The First Wild One

    American ingenuity is responsible for the world’s greatest creations. The cheeseburger is the best food ever, LSD is the epitome of drugs, and the internet is godlike in its scope. The same goes for a garment that has been adopted by crusty gutter...

  • The Ennui of Raiders-Chiefs

    "Will we remember this game any more or less than another when we are taking stock of our lives in our twilight years? Or is true meaning found in pursuits distant from the field: raising children, loving a wife, helping our neighbors in times of need...

  • Jay-Z: 99 Problems but a Mitt Ain’t One

    Bruce Springsteen came on stage to support Obama. I mean, I have a fucking Bruce Springsteen tattoo and even I was a little baffled by what the hell he was doing up there. Then Jay-Z came on and rapped about Mitt Romney.

  • I Thought Nickelback Was the Worst Band on Earth But It’s Really Gaslight Anthem

    While I was cleaning the other day, a new Nickelback song came on and distracted me. A few notes intothis track on the TV and Nickelback wasbumming my ears out like they always do. I glanced up at the screen in disgust and my jaw dropped: It wasn't...

  • Why I Hate America

    Four of our country's most famous patriots come clean on Independence Day.