• Είναι Δύσκολο να Είσαι Γκέι στο Μανταλέι

    Φωτογραφίζοντας τη νεαρή LGBT κοινότητα της Βιρμανίας.

  • The Burmese Muslims Who Are Refugees in Their Own Country

    Violence between Buddhists and Muslims in Meiktila, Burma, led to thousands of people—mainly Muslims—being displaced and forced to live in crowded camps indefinitely. When we visited them, we were followed everywhere by the police.

  • Burmese Buddhists Are Now Oppressing Rohingyan Ovaries

    Burma wants to implement a child policy that will limit the number of children the Rohingya Muslims can have which is backed by many members of the Buddhist community.

  • Burma's Most Decadent Zoo Is Full of Fake Animals

    In 2012, while covering the Burmese elections in Rangoun, I took a train to the city the Burmese never really lived in, the new country's new capital Naypyidaw. As soon as I got there, I realized there wasn't much to do, and ended up passing the time...

  • Is Burma’s Government Involved in Ethnic Cleansing?

    The last couple of weeks have been filled with mixed news for the Burmese government. On the bright side, the European Union decided to permanently lift sanctions against the country and deeper trade ties with the United States were announced. On the...

  • Burma's Rohingya Ghettos Broke My Heart

    Sittwe, the capital of Burma's restive Rakhine state, is a town divided. Or, put more accurately, segregated, thanks to the majority Buddhist Rakhine people developing a passion for beating, raping, and murdering members of the local Muslim Rohingya...

  • Is the Burmese Military Keeping Rohingya Women as Sex Slaves?

    During my week in Sittwe, Burma, with the help of those who accompanied me, I obtained evidence that strongly implies that the Burmese military is imprisoning Rohingya women from the Arakhan region and using them as sex slaves.

  • Is Burma’s Anti-Muslim Violence Led by “Buddhist Neo-Nazis”?

    “Buddhist neo-Nazi” sounds like a contradiction in terms, but Dr. Muang Zarni, a Burmese human rights activist, says that the 969 group, which is responsible for much of the anti-Muslim violence in the country, is using tactics and rhetoric right out...

  • The Rohingya Movement, as Seen by a Journalist in Burma

    On Monday, we reported on the online activism surrounding the Rohingya genocide. Today we bring you an interview with a journalist on the frontlines in Burma, as well as an update on the RohingyaNOW movement as a whole.

  • Anonymous Taught Twitter About the Rohingya Genocide

    Yesterday, for a few hours at least, the plight of a small indigenous people was given center stage on Twitter. The Rohingya people—inhabitants of Burma, known officially as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar—were recognized by several thousand...

  • Global Fear League 2013

    It's time yet again for our annual Global Fear League, your guide to which countries will be held up by our media as bastions of terror this year—the year the world finally gives in and surrenders itself to the delicious prospect of all-out war.

  • We Don’t Always Get the War We Want

    It’s four in the morning on my 38th birthday, and I am staring up at the thatched roof of a small jungle clinic in Karen State of eastern Burma, the home of the world’s longest-running armed conflict—a 63-year civil war between the Burmese army and the...