• Vaginas Are Ugly

    I want to oppose bullshit obscenity laws but female genitals just look so gross.

  • The British Library's Wi-Fi Blocked Hamlet, But These 14 Classics Are Way More Violent

    Hamlet has a straight-up body count. There’s a murder before the play even begins. There’s a suicide, poisonings, stabbings, and a poisonous stabbing. But that's nothing. Even in the strictest, fustiest canon of literature, Hamlet's level of violence...

  • Come See All the Weird Art Mike Diana Was Ordered to Stop Drawing

    Mike Diana was the first artist to get convicted of obscenity in the United States, so you know his stuff is good. Tonight and tomorrow there'll be a big party celebrating his work at Superchief Gallery in Manhattan, and if you're around, we urge you...

  • Reality is Threatening to Families

    Just over a month ago, works by numerous world-renowned documentary photographers were scheduled to appear on large outdoor screens at Sydney’s Circular Quay as part of the Vivid Festival. The exhibition of projections was a collaboration between...

  • Please Start Banning Books Again

    I kind of miss the idea of cultural lines that one can’t step over. One of my most memorable high school experiences was getting a permission slip signed by my parents so I could listen to an audiotape of Allen Ginsberg reading “America.”

  • Saudi Arabia Isn't Having a Feminist Revolution

    When it comes to women's rights, Saudi Arabia takes baby steps to a whole new level of infancy. (In utero steps? Spermy steps?) They just released their first ever anti-domestic-violence ad, so I guess that's something, but women are still unable to...