• Facebook Beheadings, Obamacare Controversy, and More Bad News

    A 12-year-old shot up his school, the Obamacare site continued to malfunction, and a jerk posted a video of a beheading on Facebook. Once again, it is a bad week in America. Here's all this week's bad news.

  • Fap for Freedom

    There’s been a handful of masturbation stories in the news lately, mostly pointing to our shared anxieties about freedom and porno. After all, censoring porn is a testing ground for widespread censorship, and regulating masturbation is a testing ground...

  • No Amount of Censorship Can Stop Atlanta's Drag Queens from Looking Fabulous

    On the day we started to hang artwork, some folks who work in the building asked that two images in the show be covered up. The first was a photo of Violet Chachki's cock and balls, and the other of Violet's gaff (an undergarment used to cover a queen...

  • Reality is Threatening to Families

    Just over a month ago, works by numerous world-renowned documentary photographers were scheduled to appear on large outdoor screens at Sydney’s Circular Quay as part of the Vivid Festival. The exhibition of projections was a collaboration between...

  • Please Start Banning Books Again

    I kind of miss the idea of cultural lines that one can’t step over. One of my most memorable high school experiences was getting a permission slip signed by my parents so I could listen to an audiotape of Allen Ginsberg reading “America.”

  • Saudi Arabia Isn't Having a Feminist Revolution

    When it comes to women's rights, Saudi Arabia takes baby steps to a whole new level of infancy. (In utero steps? Spermy steps?) They just released their first ever anti-domestic-violence ad, so I guess that's something, but women are still unable to...