• Is Everyone Having Sex on the Plane Except Me?

    I can understand my failure in the finding-a-stranger-to-bone-on-a-plane department. Not everyone is Bruce Willis. But I’ve also flown with someone I was doing it with at the time. But still, nothing. How do you sneak back to the bathroom without...

  • A Truth For A Truth On An Eye For An Eye

    Everyone loves a good revenge story, so we collected a bunch of them, and spoke to three shrinks and a goofy skater we met on the street, and had them comment on our friends’ revenge stories.

  • Vice Fashion - The Best Dick In Italy

    Bill Garganzola (not his real name) runs a private investigation firm in Milan, the cheating-on-your-spouse capital of the world (most likely). The way we see it, being an Italian PI is basically like being a chocolate inspector in the land of...