• CSI Afghanistan: Solving Murders in a War Zone

    The man’s headless body was found sprawled in the middle of a road with a note pinned to his chest that read: “Anyone who attends this man’s funeral can expect the same fate.” The case was sent to Afghanistan's first and only forensic investigations...

  • Sudan Detained Journalists Who Supported Anti-Government Protests

    In the midst of Sudan's ongoing economic crisis, President Omar Al-Bashir's regime decided to lift fuel subsidies, doubling prices. Citizens began to demonstrate in the streets on September 23rd, and in the last two weeks, authorities detained 70...

  • Democracy Fights Corruption in the Maldives

    The network of nearly 1,200 islands off India's coast is hard to get to, even more difficult to govern, and, as it turns out, nearly impossible to hold an election in without everyone accusing everyone else of voter fraud.

  • US Consulate Officers Gone Wild

    Michael T. Sestak, a Foreign Service officer working at a US consulate in Vietnam, was just charged with exchanging hundreds of visas for bribes. That's a brazen case of corruption, but it's hardly unique among the annals of the diplomatic corps.

  • Michoacán's Community Watch Groups Carry Assault Rifles

    The Mexican state of Michoacán is balls deep in violence and corruption, and nobody seems to care. Distorted news reports about the situation are making it difficult to understand what’s really happening, but just yesterday nine people were found...

  • Robert Mugabe Won the Zimbabwe Elections, Again

    The list of rigging tactics seems to be endless, and Tsvangirai has compiled a pretty strong case, which he is preparing to take to court to fight for a re-election. His doubts about Mugabe's "win" are shared by many members of the international and...