• Interviews with a Commander and a Rebel Soldier in the FSA

    VICE reached out to Robert King in an attempt to arrive at the twisted core of the matter in Syria. Today, we're serving up two interviews he conducted with the commander of the largest FSA brigade in Aleppo and a carpenter turned FSA rebel.

  • Girls and Danger

    Danger is the subtext of girl-lives. All of them, all the time.

  • Cruising for a Bruising

    A boat sank the other day, but that's not the most dangerous thing about a cruise.

  • Huge VICE News

    In the last 12 months, during the course of making films and articles for this company I have risked my life in the slums of West Africa making friends with ex-mass murderers, been mugged at infected needle-point, and more.

  • Mogadishu Massive

    The third world's taste in music sucks dick. They still love Michael Jackson. In fact, the most far-out they'll go is Janet Jackson.