• Everything You Wanted to Know About the UK Drugs Scene

    Authors Max Daley and Steve Sampson have put their combined 20-odd years of covering Britain's drug trade into a single, definitive guide called 'Narcomania.' It’s full of fun facts on every aspect of the UK drug scene and how it has evolved over the...

  • World Peace Update

    This week, a ragtag collection of striking cops, religious nutjobs, racists, and English soccer fans are to blame for our failure at world peace.

  • The Diamond Jubilee Explained by Yanks

    In case you've been wondering what exactly the fuck has been going on in England for the past four days.

  • Coaching England’s Football Team Is a Job for the Insane

    Roy Hodgson looks like an owl and once tried to erase his own face. Perfect for managing the English national team, a job that is not a job.

  • Rogues & Upstarts

    Over 160,000 poor, poor convicts were stuffed into the hulls of tall ships and transported from the Mother Land to Australia between 1788 and 1868.

  • Coal Every Day

    Steve Brierly is a coal merchant with a business on Ilkeston Road. We met him outside the chip shop when he was knocking off for the day. The next day we went back to his yard and talked about how the whole industry was screwed.