• Humanity Is Getting Verrrrrrry Close to Extinction

    We've had a good run, but the Near Term Extinction movement and others are saying that it's pretty much over for humans. Oh, well.

  • The Unrelenting Novels of Thomas Bernhard

    Often characterized by a seething loathing of social decor, patriotism, and ego, and fed by years spent suffering from tuberculosis and a gathering madness that would eventually force him to spend two years in a sanatorium, Bernhard's work is some of...

  • Extinct Animals Should Stay Dead

    Scientist Stewart Brand, who has clearly never seen 'Jurassic Park,' wants to bring 24 extinct animals back to life through reconstructing their genomes and then cloning them. Reasons why that plan sucks.

  • The Death Aquatic

    Louie Psihoyos’ ambitions have escalated, his subject has opened up, and he’s taking consultation left and right from greeny showbiz vets. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked to get on the line with the creator of 'The Cove' and chat about his...

  • Ask The Farm

    What is the big deal with plants and animals becoming extinct? Things were coming and going billions of years before we got here.