• A Ghost Story

    Since the incident, I did not drink, due to a court order. Occasionally, however, I drank with my mother in small amounts, or alone at a place around the corner. I confessed this to Edward. I said, “Earlier tonight I had wine with my mother. Generally...

  • Make Sure You’re Alive to Collect

    It was Christmas of 1990 in my grandmother’s house. My Aunt Debra reached behind her and pulled a bullet from a box on a nearby bookshelf. She held it between her thumb and forefinger, looked at my mother, and said, “Janna, this has your name on it.”

  • Only the Dead Fight Fair

    Your new go-to source for a glimpse at the future of war.

  • Vice Comics

    Dying/Being Born

  • Tokyo Tripping

    The Japanese are so busy freaking out over our shit they almost forgot to come up with any new shit of their own.