• Watch Snoop Lion's New Video for 'Lighters Up' Now

    It almost sparked a gang war, but Snoop held a peace conference on the beach. Everyone agreed to chill out for the video and show the world that the conflict between gangs had been resolved. Jamaican TV even turned up and interviewed everybody about it...

  • Snoop Lion's 'Reincarnated' Documentary Has a New Trailer

    We followed Snoop Dogg when he went to Jamaica last year on a spiritual journey. The full length film is coming out in February, but here's an extended theatrical trailer for now, featuring his latest release "Here Comes the King."

  • Diplo Has a New Photo Zine

    He's teamed up with photographer Shane McCauley to photograph different countries and their music scenes. The first issue, about Jamaican Dancehall, is being released on Wednesday.

  • A Rose by Any Other Name: Why Ben Johnson Ruined the Olympics

    Hopefully during these Olympics no one with the same name as me will inject horse testosterone directly into their scrotum to win a medal and then lose it, so no shrimpy little kids with common names like Ben Johnson have to put up with a lifetime of...

  • Love And Rockers

    Theodoros Bafaloukos wrote and directed Rockers, the film that single-handedly made Jamaica and reggae interesting to couch-cozy white folks, their stoner kids, and a bunch of famous English punks with guitars.