• The American Filmmaker Who Became a Freedom Fighter in Libya

    In 2008, Matthew VanDyke set off on a three-year motorcycle expedition around North Africa and the Middle East. He popped into bin Laden's old home, went to cockfights in Iraq, visited mausoleums in Afghanistan, and generally had a pretty nice time...

  • Hanging Out in Benghazi's Makeshift Arms Market

    As you walk through Souk Ashia in Benghazi’s El Fonduc district, the transition from flea market to arms fair is gradual. First come small pistols, then shotguns, then the pure-blooded weapons of war.

  • Libya Is Getting Better and Better for Teenage Arms Dealers

    Clashes have broken out in Libya between militias as they clamor for power. A metaphor for Libya's infatuation with violence can be found in the changing of the wares for sale on Tripoli's Al Rashid Street. Innocuous fireworks have been replaced by...

  • Al Qaeda Prison Breaks Could Lead to a New Wave of Terror Attacks

    Over the past couple of weeks almost 2,000 inmates, including “hundreds of terrorists,” have escaped from prisons in Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan. The series of ultra-violent, highly organized attacks has the US scared, al Qaeda in Iraq celebrating, and a...

  • Back Behind Bars with Gaddafi's Would-Be Assassin

    Twenty-six years ago, Azeddine Madani would have done anything to escape his cell in Tripoli's notorious Abu Salim prison, but right now he’s wrangling with armed guards in an effort to get back in. We’re here to attend a tribute to Abu Salim’s former...

  • Saadi Gaddafi Is Not a War Criminal, "He's a Fun Guy," Says His Bodyguard

    "He is a fun guy to be around. Not just for the money. He is very humorous. He can show you a good time—a very good time."