• Αυτή η Ομάδα Μεταμορφώνει με Τοιχογραφίες Ελληνικά Σχολεία

    Η ομάδα UrbanAct είναι ενεργή από το 1998 με σκοπό την προώθηση της τέχνης και τις τεχνικές εναλλακτικών μορφών πολιτισμού όπως οι τοιχογραφίες, τα γκράφιτι και η street art.

  • This Slaughterhouse Mural Is Really, Really Creepy

    On the walls of a sketchy pork-processing plant in Los Angeles, a massive mural was painted that illustrates the joys of slicing up pigs for food. Perhaps the creepiest part is that, on the high wall of the house where hot dogs are cured, the mural...

  • North Korea Is Frighteningly Boring

    Last November, Maxime Delvaux went to North Korea, which isn't easy for a photographer. He entered as a tourist and was given a permanent guide and driver. Like many visitors to the hermit kingdom, he was only allowed to see approved sites. The...