• What Do Women Who Wear the Niqab Think of the Niqab Debate?

    It's a contentious debate, but whether it's non-Muslims telling everyone that it's fine to wear a niqab, Muslims telling everyone that it's not fine to wear a niqab or non-Muslims castigating their fellow non-Muslims for not castigating the niqab...

  • A Muslim's Adventures in Pork

    Although my family was never terribly religious, I was brought up Muslim enough to not eat pork. Several years ago, I broke with this tradition. I was doing boring freelance writing and wanted to create a personal project that would be both interesting...

  • The Prophet Muhammad Vs. John Cena

    Early biographical literature on Muhammad includes an episode in which he takes on the strongest wrestler of his tribe, a man named Rukana. The wrestler promises that he will become Muslim if Muhammad can throw him. They wrestle, and Muhammad throws...

  • We Photographed the Drunk EDL Hate Mob That Attacked London's Police Last Night

    Yesterday, a British soldier was murdered in South London by Islamic extremists. Later, the far-right English Defence League descended onto Woolwich in a drunken horde to spread Islamophobia and achieve absolutely nothing. I was there to take...

  • Facedown in Chitral

    The region of Kafiristan stretches across portions of what is today Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Kalash people spurn Islamic law by drinking, taking drugs, and partying.

  • Art Imitates Life, Then Gets You Killed by Fanatics

    There is a scene in 'Zero Dark Thirty' that is pretty unspectacular, one that in a vacuum would be forgotten as soon as the end credits roll. But there's a good chance this little scene will lead to people getting killed.