• Titty Twisters and Striptease Turkeys

    Sorry I went Earl Sweatshirt on you for a few months. But I'm back. You haven't missed much—just babies getting their nipples twisted off, strip clubs giving away turkeys, a ton of cocaine, and ladies riding manatees.

  • I’m a Homo but I Loved Having Sex with This Robotic Pussy

    I lay on my couch, naked, staring at the RealTouch and reminiscing about the one time I tried to have sex with a vagina, my erection deflated like a popped balloon the moment my friend Kelly put on a cowboy hat and pressed my dick against her baby hole.

  • Panty Pops

    I don’t know a whole lot about religion—aside from the fact that Easter candy is delicious and I thank God for it every April—but I imagine that the feeling that watching Panty Pops gives you, where the subject is so heavy that you just need to take a...

  • Getting Fresh with Wilbert - Clumpy Deodorant Reggae Rude Boy Swag

    Learn how to dress for success, or at least how to hide the fact that you are a premature ejaculator.

  • The Wide World of Balls - Haha, Dude Got Hit in the Sack!

    This week Alex Gordon got a ball in the nuts and Lawrence Taylor earned more money to pay for his underage prostitutes.