• The Many Arrests of Canadian Journalist Miles Howe

    Miles Howe is unarguably the most connected journalist covering the tensions between SWN, an oil company in New Brunswick, and the Mi'kmaq First Nations people who oppose their fracking initiatives. Lately, Miles has been getting himself into legal...

  • Black-Gold Blues - The Hazards and Horrors of the Makeshift Oil Industry in Rebel-Held Syria

    For four decades, the al-Assad regime (first run by Hafez, and now by his son Bashar) struck deals with Western oil companies like Shell and Total that resulted in the extraction of as much as 27,000 barrels of black gold from the sand every day.

  • Thug Police and a Corrupt Regime Ensured Azerbaijan's Election Went Smoothly

    Last week, Azerbaijan held a presidential election. To the surprise of absolutely no one, incumbent President Ilham Aliyev was elected for a third term, with 85 percent of the vote. The closest and essentially only opposing candidate, 61-year-old...

  • Nature Can Clog Oil Rig Fires, But Shouldn't Have To

    The environment disrupted the fires and oil leak at the recent Hercules 265 rig burst. But even though nature fills in about a third of accidental leaks, that’s probably not something you want to be counting on.

  • A New Episode of 'VICE' on HBO Premieres Tonight

    Those of us who spend our lives in the edifying pursuit of bringing VICE to the world get to see the very tip of our spear—sharp and glimmering in the Friday evening moonlight—rip into America’s living rooms at the end of each week. We also get to see...

  • Is Chinese Big Oil Going to Destroy Ecuador's Amazon?

    To oil and gas companies, the Amazon rainforest is one huge cash cow just begging to be milked. But anyone who'd rather not rid the world of 30 percent of its animal species would probably argue it's a region that shouldn't be destroyed by rich people.

  • Mem'ries: Fighting Fires in a Burning Kuwaiti Oil Field

    When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, he set in motion a political conflict that resulted in a devastating man-made environmental catastrophe. He had sworn that if he was "evicted from Kuwait by force, then Kuwait will be burned," and it turned...

  • Vaya Con Dios, Hugo

    "It's a chess game, Mr. Palast," Chavez told me. "And I am a very good chess player." When it comes to class war on a chessboard, even in death, I wouldn't bet against Hugo Chavez.

  • Hugo Chavez Told Me He Won't Sell Oil to the Kochs

    I’ve been tracking a tube of black putrid ooze, a toxic viper slowly slithering 2,000 miles across the belly of America, swallowing all water aquifers, politicians, and reason in its path. It's called the XL Keystone Pipeline.

  • Tanked

    It will take four months and 500 workers to dismantle the erstwhile Exxon Valdez.

  • SeaFox: Wargames, Meet Watersports

    U.S. sends a submersible SeaFox drones to pacify subsurface Iranian mine threats.

  • Oil Rigged

    Why do we keep giving slick handouts to the world's richest companies?