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  • This Woman Is Living on Water, Tea, and Light for 100 Days

    Naveena Shine, a 65-year-old British transplant to the Pacific Northwest, is in the middle of an experiment to see what happens if she doesn't eat anything for a long, long time. Others have died attempting similar spiritual undertakings, but Naveena...

  • Denise Scicluna Photographs Things You Never Notice

    Denise Scicluna is a young photographer from Malta whose work—unlike that of most still life photographers—doesn't make you want to slowly pluck out every single one of your eyelashes out of sheer boredom.

  • Vice Pictures - Jerry Hsu Goes To Russia

    I flew into Moscow alone. After the 14-hour flight I got to stand in an immigration line for three hours while hundreds of Russians cut in front of me. They are the world’s greatest cutters.