• Michael Haneke’s Everyday Horror

    In Haneke’s world, horror isn't something that attacks us from the outside. It hasn’t been living in the house we moved into. It hasn’t just shown up. The brutality that we find in Haneke’s films is what we brought into the theater with us.

  • Here Are Your Best Picture Nominees

    In 'Amour,' two old married people face the fact that even true love won’t save them from death. I think they both die in the end; one from a blood clot, the other from loneliness. I didn’t see this movie because I’ve seen it before. In REAL LIFE.

  • Mozart's Tailor

    Academy Award winning costume designer Theodor Pištěk shows us how to make clothes of pomp and pageantry in a country run by pinkos.

  • Who Was That Guy Hosting the Oscars Last Night?

    Last night, we noticed that the guy from "City Slickers" was hosting the Oscars for the 47th time. We wondered if the average Joe on the street remembers who that guy is.

  • Feeling Sick at the Oscars

    Why are the so-called sorcerers of sound routinely shafted?