penn state

  • Google Built Barges and Scientists Produced Link-Bait

    This week, Penn State paid-off the 26 boys Jerry Sandusky molested, Texas played topsy turvy with its abortion laws, and a crazy person shot a TSA agent. In other words, it was another terrible week in America! Here's all this week's bad news in a...

  • Sandusky Will Die in Prison, and We Talked to a Pedophilia Expert

    A judge in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania sentenced Jerry Sandusky to 30 to 60 years behind bars today. We spoke to Fred Berlin, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University who believes pedophilia is a sexual orientation, similar to homosexuality or...

  • Public Statement by Jerry Sandusky on His Release from Prison, February 2454

    "First off, I'd like to offer my heartfelt appreciation for the miracle of cell-extension nanotechnology. Who knew it'd be so easy to add an extra thousand years to everyone's life? And I should acknowledge the US Supreme Court, for making sure...

  • Free Agents of Destruction

    If it involves a ball, puck, or respected state university covering up a horrible pedophile's transgressions, it's in this post.